This website was made in memory of Weberman, Schumacher, Hoffman, Kushner and Salomonson families. We hope to keep their story alive and to pass it down from generation to generation.

This family was built by the grace of God despite all the difficulties the Jewish people faced throughout history including massacres and the holocaust. They continue to live and prosper today.

Members of the family reside in the United States, Germany, Holland and Bulgaria. They constantly give thanks to the Almighty God who gives them everything and who made it possible for the Jewish State of Israel to be on the earth again.

We hope that the Jews and all people may live together in a brotherly loving matter.

The Weberman's story goes all the way back to King David. They are direct descendants of King David's family. The Weberman's reached Europe and settled in Modern day Berlin immediately following the exile of Babylon. In 1721, Daniel Weberman sent his oldest son Aviel to Copenhagen and his other son to Lodz. By doing so the Weberman's trade connections were strengthened. They dealt primarily with textile and jewelry work and it was passed down from generation to generation.

Moshe Weberman was well known in the Polish city of Lodz for his textile work. He was part of a very religious family. His oldest son David owned a jewelry store in Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. The Jews had many difficult years in result of the Nazis coming into power in Germany. Most of them were sent to the Auschwitz camp. 37 members of the Weberman family were killed by the Nazis. Ester however miraculously survived despite being only three years old. She made it all the way to Turkey with a group who was immigrating to Israel. However, the Turkish government prevented her from traveling further, because of her young age. She ended up staying in Turkey as a refugee in an orphanage.

In 2017 the Governor of Berlin, Chief Rabbi of Germany and many other guests gathered at the Holocaust monument located at the central Berlin Orthodox Synagogue on Joachimstaler Straße to place plaques in memory of David Weberman and the 37 family members who were killed. The Synagogue is located in Kurfürstendamm which is where David Weberman had his jewelry store before being murdered in the Auschwitz camp.

David, Ester and Motty Weberman visited

Berlin in October

- 04.10.2017 -

The Webermans visited the Chief Rabbi Ehrenberg, the Jewish community of Berlin and also took part of a dinner held at the Berlin Central Orthodox Synagogue. The Chief Rabbi Ehrenberg and his wife as well as several other members of the Jewish Community in Berlin were in attendance. Arie Zaloshinsky who is the most popular and well known Cantor in Berlin really made it a beautiful night with the songs and hymns he sang. A group of children from the Jewish kindergarten also performed a musical piece.

Weberman Family


- 04.10.2017 -

After the Weberman family visited Berlin they made their way to the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. This was the location of many difficult and bloody times for the Jewish people. Ester Weberman lived in this Ghetto as a young child. The Webermans visited the home where she lived as well as the last standing walls of the Ghetto. After that they made their way to the Jewish community as well as the Jewish cemetery. It was difficult and sad to hear Ester tell the stories of the hardships and atrocity that she and so many others experienced there. For this reason, we pray for permanent peace among the world and the Jewish race.